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 The History part 3 - Code of Conduct and a chance meeting with SIN !

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The History part 3 - Code of Conduct and a chance meeting with SIN ! Empty
PostSubject: The History part 3 - Code of Conduct and a chance meeting with SIN !   The History part 3 - Code of Conduct and a chance meeting with SIN ! Icon_minitimeTue Aug 02, 2011 9:52 pm

Not much ye olde legend to record here today. My time has been taken up with try to resolve the odd guild issue and with recruiting new members.

An unexpected issue brought about the need to have a Code of Conduct & Membership. Thanks to Fubaris for creating the first draft of our Guild Code !

It should make clear to all are members the high standards we set for being honourable players and contributing to make this guild strong.

New members are all logged in a probation thread on the private trainers area of the forum. They are interviewed on joining and must 'graduate' after a two week probation ! Please read the Code for more information !

Hopefully being selective about our membership should maintain the high standards we have set.

This will lead to some positive guild activities when we all meet online to celebrate successful probationers into the fold !

T H E W A R !!!! - okay so the W A R is on hold till Vik is back to provide the benefit of his leadership. Hopefully by the time he is back we will also be stronger. I am simply caretaking for Vik till he returns and tbh we need his tactical military trained mind to ensure our success !

The grievence with Friendship guild will not be forgotten !

I have been mostly recruiting lately and helping new guildies quest a bit and stuff.
So no real massive events to report ! .... I think this history should be contributed to by everyone though. If anything of note, any event of even mild interest or feint amusement occurs then please add sections to the history thread !

To be a coherent history of VOodoO this thread needs multiple contributors !

Oh yeah just remembered ! Tonight I bumped into Sin, a friend of Majesty (original leader and founder of our guild !)

Sin says hi Maj ! .... Sin is largely a solo player with three level 60's and a fourth on the way.
He may join us from time to time to help us or socialise. If he does accept his help for what it is and don't harrass him to join ! He's a solo player and wants to remain that way largely. But he could be a strong ally to VOodoO. Treat with respect as always !

Anyway guys ! I wish I had a more fantastical tale to weave for you ! But caretaking the guild mean long nights stuck on the forum and recruiting ! Lol .... So forgive this pallid bloodless yarn ! I hope future installments will not disapoint so ! Lol

(and again ! Please contribute to this history - personal histories and anecdotes are very very welcome no matter how trivial they seem ! )

Thanks for listening !

Long live VOodoO !
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The History part 3 - Code of Conduct and a chance meeting with SIN !
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