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 The History part 1 -The clean-up of VOodoO and out first war with Prodigies Guild !

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PostSubject: The History part 1 -The clean-up of VOodoO and out first war with Prodigies Guild !   Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:40 am

Hi Guys ! Well we need to record our history so new players can get a sense of who we are / where we've come from / where we're going !

VOodoO started on day 1 when this game was released. I was recruited by Huw who was a recruitment addict ! When the guild filled up he left to start our sister team - this died in the early part of the game and I never heard or saw of Huw again :/

Majesty was the leader in the early days. We formed a strong band of loyal brothers and sisters ! We were questing and trying to reach the level cap so there was little time for any real planning or organisation.

Anyway Maj had to go offline for a while due to some personal stuff so Viktore took over.

Viktore is our multi-talented present leader ! He got us organised. In a nutshell he organised the troops and arranged for a F/book Group to be set up for VOodoO. Check it out, we post photos from ingame and stuff. Then came the forum. I don't know who to credit for that atm but this post cn be edited. At the same time as the forum we had the great guild clear-out. It was obvious that 70% of our players were inactive. We marked them all processing (for their rank) and then promoted active players to safe.

This brilliiant way of clearing up the guild was Viktore's. It was a stroke of genius and marked us climbing out of the primordial mud and getting organised !

The second stage of the organisation was the creation of the teams. Now VOodoO was really getting organised. We had a lean body of regular players. Great personalities of all ages and from all walks of life.

My job is training and recruiting. I started about a week ago recruiting for new guild members in global chat. after I had inducted a couple of new members I suddenly noticed that this ass called DragonBoneHead or something ? (edit - DragonBain) was dissing our guild in global !

I quickly made the Revenge team (Stencu) at the time aware of the situation and he tele'd to Vega to exact revenge for VOodoO's honour !

He got mobbed there by DragonBain and his guild - Prodigies. We fought valiantly for sometime but were outnumbered. Nether the less the took them all out several times as a team effort and showed that VOodoO will not take being trash talked at by other guilds !

Later that eveing VOodoO returned with more players and we battled Prodigies well into the night ! Much blood was spilt on both sides but this time we held our own and the hero's on the battlefield that day suddenly were aware that VOodoO guild was something special ! Something rare that we had built with honour and integrity ! Anyway then the Chinese came and kicked everybody's ass just to round off a very action-filled evening for VOodoO !

This was our first mass battle - there was even weirder events to come ! ....... Await the second installment of the History of VOodoO !!!!

Long Live VOodoO !!!!

(please contact me to edit/correct this post/add credits - my memory ain't what it used to be because of all the weed ! lol)
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PostSubject: Re: The History part 1 -The clean-up of VOodoO and out first war with Prodigies Guild !   Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:42 pm

Forum credit goes to Fubaris (aka Tim) and suggested by Vik, well summarised the history of VOoDoO!
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The History part 1 -The clean-up of VOodoO and out first war with Prodigies Guild !
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