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 Hi from EatTheRich / CurrySauce / IsaacAsimov / G.Romera

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Hi from EatTheRich / CurrySauce / IsaacAsimov / G.Romera Empty
PostSubject: Hi from EatTheRich / CurrySauce / IsaacAsimov / G.Romera   Hi from EatTheRich / CurrySauce / IsaacAsimov / G.Romera Icon_minitimeSat Jul 30, 2011 2:12 am

Edit : my character list - EatTheRich(hybrid Mage) CurrySauce(Battle War) IsaacAsimov(Ranger) G.Romera(undead Battle Monk)

Hiya guys ! I'm Jonny from Leeds in the UK. I'm 40 years old and i live with my beautiful girlfriend Ellen ! We both work in sales which is a souless hollow experience on the whole ! Really we are both frustrated creative artists ! Anyway it keeps the wolf from the door and keeps me in runes ! lol.

My main is lvl 60 Fire Mage - EatTheRich and i'm Team Leader of the Training Team.

My alt is lvl 21 Warrior, CurrySauce.

At the moment i'm recruiting new members and trying to help them out.

We in the training team are in the process of producing a charter and objectives to teach new members the spirit of the guild !

VOodoO is a guild with honourable players and there will be a strict code of how we express ourselves in game. We need principles and integrity if we are going to be the best guild in the game !

Ok that was a bit serious ! Most of all lets have fun and be a loyal band of friends ;-)

Anyway it's late and i'm stoned as a coot !

Love ! Peace ! House Music !!!!

Long Live VOodoO !!!!
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Hi from EatTheRich / CurrySauce / IsaacAsimov / G.Romera
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