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 The VOodoO CodeX

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PostSubject: The VOodoO CodeX   The VOodoO CodeX Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 10:36 pm

The VOodOO Codex:

You will treat all members of the Guild with the highest respect.

This means you will not maliciously tease members of the guild in guild chat, when in teams or publically. Playful teasing is allowed and encouraged!
Founders are your friends, but when asked to perform a guild duty, please do so speedily and efficiently.
You are no better than anyone else in the Guild. Your opinion matters to the guild.

You will be friendly, helpful and share knowledge of the game to members to progress them, you and the guild.

The growth of the Guild is important - if we know, we share.
You will be patient in teaching others – not everyone has the same skill level as you
If you can help a member with an item of gear, please do so. Do not post in the AH for profit! If you need gold, sell to Guild member at a 50% reduced price.

YOU ARE VOODOO – when in the Guild, you are the face of Voodoo. Anything you do wrong reflects on you, your Guild members and the Guild. Respect is hard earned and easily lost.

You will treat all other players of Order & Chaos with the same respect you show to your guild.
You will treat Guild Leaders of other Guilds the same respect as you do the Founders of your guild.
You will not ‘flame’ other players.
You will not ‘gank’ other players
You will not harass other players.

You are part of the Guild; you are part of a family.

Despite coming from all walks in life we are all equals in the game. We look after each other in the Guild like a family would. This family has no time for selfish or solo behaviour.

Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven


General Game Rules:

Treat others as you yourself deserve to be treated – high expectations all round.

New members will be accepted through Guild Master and Founders only.

Potential recruits will be accepted into Guild after successfully passing an interview held by Guild Master or Founder.

There will be a two week probationary period for new members under the title of ‘Probation’, after the two week period has passed, Council will decide to keep or dismiss the potential recruit based upon activity within Guild and game, cohesion with Guild members and compatibility with Guild Code of Conduct.

Guild Master/Founders will keep remarks on Guild Members up to date.

New recruits who join Guild will also be able to add their alternate characters (alts) to the Guild during the probation period.

Inability to follow rules or misconduct and violation of the Guild Code will result in a black mark being placed against the member. Three black marks will result in being removed from the Guild and banned for life.

‘Alumni’ class members who voluntarily leave Guild will be able to return to the Guild within two weeks without interview or demotion. Any members who wish to return to Guild outside the two week grace maybe allowed to return to the Guild at the discretion of the Guild Master and the Founding Council. Members who return during this period will return to the Guild under the class of ‘Graduate’ or ‘Probation’ depending on title when they left the Guild.

Modification to the Rules and Code can happen at the time at the discretion of the Guild Master.

Guild PVP Rules:

You will not ‘gank’ a low level character unless attacked first – ‘noobs’ need to be taught a lesson!

Level 60 character kills only – unless a ‘noob’ low level attacks first.

You are Voodoo Guild – if a non-guild friend attacks your guild team mate, you attack your friend –he will understand; your guild will not.

Voodoo Guild who attack their own Guild without prior consent will be reported, investigated and more than likely removed from Guild with immediate effect.

Voodoo Guild members will respect all known alliances with Guild, even if alliance members attack.

In situations like that, the alliance member who attacked Guild member will be reported to a Founder who can investigate.

Guild member should make it known to Alliance attacker that our Guilds are in alliance.


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The VOodoO CodeX
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