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PostSubject: KweiKwei / Mage    KweiKwei / Mage  Icon_minitimeThu Mar 22, 2012 9:45 pm

Hi everybody,
My name is Daniel from Geneva (switzerland) im swiss and Italian
I have 37 year old.
I have started o&c the first day was launched with my main, a milimonk actually 60 4or5/6 (i need to Check :-))
The problem In the start of game, no dungeon, no stuff... Nothing for continue... I decided to stop game during 7month...
After my first connection.... Ouawwww game was changed...
1. Reroll directly with a Archer (Avgvstvs 60 4/6)
2. Reroll with mage (KweiKwei 60 6/6)
All only stuffed with daily quest, because after all the time i dont have play, i have no strategy for dungeon...
And... Why i want to join "VOodoO"...
Rarelly i have problem with our member guild... No see a lowkiller In vega (great point), always In Team play with misc member for misc quest... All member are serious, fun and mature.. 15mn in the guilde channel, many great people from many great land...
A last point im connecting during the journey, 2-3 time tonight during the weeks and during the week-ends.
Sorry for my baddddd english...
Cya ig...
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KweiKwei / Mage
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