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 Sqix / Undead/ Monk

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PostSubject: Sqix / Undead/ Monk   Sqix / Undead/ Monk Icon_minitimeWed Dec 07, 2011 8:51 am

Hi voodoo Nation,

Thx for the invite to ur Guild! ( sry if my english is bad )

Quick info about Me:

.:: Name: Marcel

.:: Age: 24 years

.:: Country: Germany / Bavaria

.:: Server: Markt der Beobachter ;-)

.:: Charname: Sqix

.:: Level: 60

.:: Race: Undead

.:: Class: Monk

.:: Job: Master Tailor

.:: Spect: Military Monk 0/56
.:: GP: 5100
.:: MP: 7050
.:: Atp: 1094
.:: crit: 35,1 unbuffed
.:: Hit: 91
.:: dodge/ parry: 12%/ 10

Why i'm military?: normaly i'm always a healer!! But i want to test this dmg class in pve!!! Aktually i like to go in a dungeon as a military monk!
Bad side of this spec, i need a lot of manapots.. The dps is good! I know that a mage or hunter do more dps is a mili monk but i think this class should have a chance to get epic equip! Think with full epic und better trinkets or rings i get more then 40% crit and 1300 atp by 5-6k life!!
But i will test it!
At first i will need 1 better ring and 1 trinket then my dmg will be grow up!

My biggest problem was that my last guild all had good equip and doesnt go to rk with me and for me to farm me better equip :-/
With random groups it is heavy to farm epic essence :-(

Hope u like my oppinion about military monk!
I have no problem to spec of devine but i want prefer mili monk!

I think u guys will have a lot of fun with me! I will always help each member if i had time!

Now its enough i mean!

Greets from ur New Member

Sqix aka Marcel
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Sqix / Undead/ Monk
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