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 Can you smell what the Grrrok is cookin?

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PostSubject: Can you smell what the Grrrok is cookin?    Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:22 am

Shocked Hi folks your friendly neighbourhood grrok here ... Ok who am I ... My name is Dan I live in the uk I do graphics for computer games ... I work for codemasters ... Recently did dirt2 , dirt3 and f1 2010 .... 2011 soon to be released ... Racing games not quite my cup of tea but it pays well .... So obviously that's my reason for being a game nerd .. I have a few alts lvl 36 ranger called varok lvl 37 healer monk called linflas and a 20 Mage called bankrupt .... I shall be mainly on linflas for a bit as I want to get a lvl 60 healer on the go .... But if grrok is needed just gimme a shout .... Glad we have finally got a forum Very Happy
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Can you smell what the Grrrok is cookin?
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